Green cleaning

Cleantech Services, Inc. continuously sought to provide the cleanest facility possible, in a “green” manner.


All programs developed contain products that are green seal certified.


We understand the obligation we have to our clients, our team and the environment to promote and provide the best equipment and products available.


All green products utilized are designed to both protect the environment and get the job done.

Green Cleaning goes beyond chemicals.

For that reason, we utilize heap filtered vacuums and microfiber cloths to trap and reduce the spread of soil and particulate. All our staff is trained to perform their job in a manner that reduces waste and harm to the environment.

The Green movement is rapidly advancing and we are committed to staying abreast of new technologies and adapting to changes and improvements as they occur. This movement continues to be in full swing and we continue to do our part in promoting all-around healthier environments for everyone.

Call us to implement a green cleaning program in your facility today!